Supercomputing, Evolved.

Vantage is a engineering workbench that enables teams to scale workloads to the cloud. Achieve 3x output, at 50% the cost, with 1/3 carbon footprint.

One Platform for everything HPC.

Vantage is an intuitive platform that simplifies complex HPC processes; enabling individuals and organizations to run simulations more efficiently and harness the power of the cloud.

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Run Vantage in our cloud, your cloud, or your own data center.

The Vantage HPC platform runs in diverse environments and can be consumed as a hosted, self-hosted, or a private cloud deployment. Vantage offers self-signup, subscription through AWS Marketplace, and on-site deployments for enterprise subscriptions.

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Deploy Vantage where it makes sense for your use case, leveraging its flexibility to run seamlessly in every environment.

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  • Explore two Vantage subscription models on AWS Marketplace for enhanced computing:

    - SaaS: Hosted Vantage platform, offering a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

    - Container Service: Opt for a private deployment of Vantage within your AWS cloud environment.
  • Visit the AWS marketplace to find out which option best suits your organization's needs.
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  • Subscribe to Vantage through our website for a 30-day trial and instantly explore how it can improve your workflow.
  • Access the reliable and efficient hosted Vantage platform, maintained by the Omnivector team, for a high-performance computing experience with minimal overhead.
  • To begin using Vantage today, click the 'Sign Up' button in the navigation menu.
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  • Run Vantage on-premise in your own data center or compute environment.
  • Comply with your organization's requirements for air-gapped deployments by self-hosting Vantage within your own dedicated security realm.
  • To learn more about leveraging Vantage for your enterprise’s unique requirements, contact our sales team.
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Find out how Vantage reduces time-to-market and spend for organizations using HPC.


Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise HPC.

Optimize your HPC workflow with Vantage, a user-friendly platform designed to streamline intricate HPC tasks. This allows both individuals and organizations to streamline simulation workflows and leverage cloud computing to its fullest potential.

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Vantage removes the complication of accessing and consuming HPC resources.


  • Run workloads in the cloud with the click of a button.
  • Simplify access to HPC with Vantage’s easy-to-use UI.
  • Customize HPC workflows with job templatization.


  • Deliver more license utilization for the same cost.
  • Scale compute capacity between existing on-premise & cloud resources.
  • Save job templates for later use.
  • Monitor all jobs in the queue.


  • Submit jobs from anywhere using the web UI or API.
  • Unify your view of cloud and on-premise resources.
  • Remotely submit single machine workloads, distributed batch jobs, Kubernetes workloads and mixed workloads.

Elevate Your HPC Experience.

Scale to the Cloud

The Vantage scheduling model enables organizations to scale workloads to the cloud when needed.

Job templating

Template job scripts and define rules that determine how, when, and where jobs are scheduled.

Vantage screenshot
Vantage screenshot

Collaboration simplified

Easily collaborate on HPC pipelines and projects across teams.

Licensing management

License scheduling middleware provides transparency and improves license utilization in HPC environments.

Enhanced transparency

Drill into run-time details with rich metrics and logging to pinpoint the root causes of downstream issues. Omnivector's monitoring, logging, and alerting services enable teams to react to events before they become problems.

Vantage screenshot
Vantage screenshot

Support Dashboard


Guaranteed response times for tickets filed in our support dashboard.


The support team evaluates, responds, and triages new tickets.


Following assessment and triage, we will escalate, assign, and resolve the ticket.


Omnivector engineering will resolve or patch software and hardware issues within a guaranteed timeframe for tickets filed in our support system.

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